Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the kingdom

I called the Queen, she did miss me so much, so did I (fine, after 1 month of isolation and communication breakdown). Bundle of questions came out from this not-really-outspoken mouth. On the other side, the wrinkled King said he’s 75% well (where the hell 25% goes?).

New update from the Queen, everyone’s happy during ‘end of starvation festival’ despite my absence (again the graph shows 67% of favourable feelings, means the atmosphere’s just so-so). At first, I’m not excited to dig the story (or should i say ‘rumours’) that spread around the Kingdom. Right after the Queen passed a regard from a duchess (so she thinks she really is!), i was prone to investigate the whole ‘fairy tales’. The phone was handed to Giza’s minister. Then the story commences. Voila! Encore les malheurs, et elles ne dissent que les bĂȘtises! Why ‘elles’, coz basically they are couplet feminine entities! the duchess with her very sensitive feelings and who refused to understand the ‘plays’ starts to make a very childish conclusion. Fuhh, in fact, there’s nothing to do with her, only the Grand Duchess who started those catastrophes. Then, i cut the line, forgot to say ‘au revoir’ .

For God’s and blood’s sake, i was about to forget everything and start the new chapter, but after what i had been told, just FORGET it! And i will never hesitate to raise my middle finger to them if they keep on telling their stupid ‘fairy tales’ to the whole clans. Not to forget, the OUTSIDER who tried to sort the problems out, but actually messed them brutally with another dumb-ass stories!cilakak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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