Saturday, March 28, 2009

they never trust me...

Everyone in the town talks about earth hour. Yet it’s an international phenomenon. They keep waiting for the clock turns its needle to 8.30, and some say we are obliged to turn off the light for an hour. yes, I do agree with the idea to respect your mother earth but it’s not all about respecting your nature for an hour, it’s tremendously for the whole life!

Say it’s a symbol of respect, but too much exaggeration and publicity make the situation became more commercial. Does it mean after an hour of darkness, we will be allowed to continue hurting our earth? Do litter, spitting the chewing gum, and a line of big glowing super spotlights for the concert? Those instances are only a few of our violence to this old poor world.

And tonight, there will be a party for the children of mars. The party will be commenced on 8.30, and the two parties start to dispute. In my right hand side said “we should respect the earth hour, so just cancel the party” and in my other side said “please don’t turn off the light for the sake of our faith. It’s very wrong to mix the ‘la’ mahraams’!”. Sure they said it politely, but frankly i’m torn!

For those members of Greenpeace, i respect the nature more than u think, and i had presented more than 5 paper works on global warming. The causes, consequences, solutions and blab la bla. Furthermore i don’t smoke and prefer walking. What does an hour without light mean to me? And for those friends i’m not trying to be boasted by saying “i’m 22 years old and i know what do’s and don’ts in islam!”. But please, I’m not a little kid who does something without’s not the only party (if you read it in malay, it becomes ‘kenduri doa selamat’!) organized by me.. can you guys put a little trust on me?

I respect everyone’s thought. i hate war and love peace. But lack of believe makes my mouth opened. Love your earth and the party is ON!


anjut said...

lerr, apa-apa pun, terima kasih la kerana bersama2 bimbang dgn apa yg berlaku. aku menghargai, tapi bila bukan sorang dua yg ckp benda yg sama pada aku (setakat ni dah 5 org ckp benda yg sama pada aku), kepala aku pun jd pening la...terima kasih yer rakan2, it means you care!wahahaha!peace!

*kenapa pilih waktu itu?sbb ingtkn kami nak buat kat taman, piknik, sekali hujan, so terpaksa buat malam, dimana kebetulan waktu tu sama plak ngn earth hour kurit sikeng

kudabesi said...

amenda nih?

anjut said...

haha!x der kaitan dgn kau dia dan aku, suka ati aku la..wakakaka!

miesmoshe said...