Saturday, January 24, 2009

when Queen forbids us to leave Her country...


Did i say that i’ll tell you my experience in a Land where ‘lot’ is pronounced as ‘lOt’ with a big O like in ‘bOlOt’ and not ‘lAt’ as pronounced in ‘lAlAt’(for the Americans). And the Malaysians reside here think they are more ‘white men’ than ‘Malays’? Here we go...


We left France on 18th January 2009 from Basel-Mulhouse airport to London Stansted. A little funny thing about this airport (an airport on two lands, Swiss and France), you can buy a cup of coffee for 1.20 euro and a croissant (French pastry) for 1 Swiss franc at another door. The peoples speak French-Germany-English, so no worries of being lost.

The immigration at Stansted airport (all British airports) was somehow burnt our patience out...if you think you can pass the checkpoint easily with your Malaysian smiley face, and then forget it! No tolerance for British! (ok, I’ll tell you another story which is really a nightmare-for-the-rest-of-my-life, at the end of this episode O.K? so, sabar la dulu). From the airport, we took a shuttle to Victoria Station (remember to book your ticket online or else you will have to pay more than 15GBP! hey that’s a fortnight living cost in Malaysia!maybe a month for Palestin!).

The girls went to their friend’s house and i was heading to Syed’s house at Finsbury Park. the next day will be the longest day in bus. Save London for the last.

lost in Victoria Station

Malaysian hall canteen

Mr Syed, my host

Jauhar and Adam, thank you kalian (not in pic, Waqi n Azham)

2nd day, 3rd day

We took 5 hours bus to Manchester. Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Van der Sar, our asian Park ji Sung (just mention a few names) were waving their hand in our small cerebrum.

Two nights and a day in Manchester was a good enough for visiting the ville. We went to the museum, sight-seeing at the town, universities (there are three), the halal foods, met others Malaysians n etc. For a group of Malays who are doing their study at France, it was such a heaven here! The goods are damn CHEAP!!! I bought a lot of t-shirt for my nieces and nephews here (darlings, pak Anjut misses you much!), but the room rent is expensive here, sometimes 500 GBP a month for a small room..hurmmm, chacun son avantage!

with friends from manchester (Afif and girls)

ready for stadium tour

the old trafford!

4th day, 5th day

We came back to London. I stayed one night at Malaysian hall. I was very lucky as it wasn’t school holiday, so they gave me a single room which only cost me 7GBP. A little advice for Malaysians, if you really know how to cook our Malaysians foods, so don’t go to Malaysian Hall. The foods are expensive (compared to other British food) and only suitable for European-blunt-tongue. I went here exclusively for KICAP MANIS (kat perancis mana la ada, nak tak nak pergi la jugak). Btw, the makciks and pakciks here are very friendly (so they can sell their stuffs).

You may find a lot of Malaysians here, but please, don’t waste your time to smile at them, they just boo-layan korang jer ( i know they are few, but number brings a gross significant!). Come to France, the malaysians here are very friendly, helping, hensem, cute, pretty, etc...hehehhe! i still remember when i was in a tube to London bridge, i met these three Malaysians, two boys and a girl, i was very exhausted after a long day journey and tried to smile at them, they just who-you-are me and do their own business, and their kampung’s English dialect. I was like ‘owh, Malaysia is truly Asia!you guys are fully sponsored like me too, and no use of cocking yourselves, if you guys are trying to be BRITISH just because you study with londoners, forget it!u will not (never) change your skin colour! Even Englishmen and women are much more generous from you guys! I’m talking not to these three poor Malaysians, but for all Malaysians out there and ME MYSELF. Jangan la lepas ni sebok nak pertahankan bangsa melayu disiat-siat kalau dah bangsa sendiri tak sedar diri dan membangsatkan diri sendiri!(emotional euh???That’s life!).

Ok, forget about Malaysians, we were there for learning and voyaging. So, a few places not to be missed, our Mr. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, St Paul’s Cathedral and British museum. And we went to Arsenal for emirates stadium, Arsenal football club and Fàbregas! (yes i know that i’m not a big fan of them, but to be there is just a gift for me!)

polo yg berwarna warni

what's London without its telephone houses and traditional double deckers buses?

The not really LAST day!

After a few days in Manchester and London, it was the time to go back to France. After waiting for 3 hours in the boarding room, and three times changing gate, we were not ALLOWED to get in the plane!WHAT THE FOOD????i was nearly burst out my tears as this was the worst time in my life, but thinking of there were another 5 anak dara orang, i tried to control myself, we came back to the information centre, and the officers said a new ticket to be purchased. If my parents knew this, they will never allow me to oversea! So readers, don’t tell my parents!the only key was your patience and don’t panic. (nasib baik la islam ada ajar semua tu...) we crossed the check up point again and tried to get the new flight. It would be another three days, luckily easyjet made ourlives easy, there was a flight for tomorrow, but the price was spinning up our heads, we could get cheaper if we bought online but the access for internet was limited, we sat for a while on the bench next to the counter, SYUKRAN YA RABBI!!!Thee gave me an idea, if asked somebody in France to buy the tickets, it will be O.K. so Kak Maya is our live angel, she bought the ticket and gave us the initiary numbers. Everything went smooth, but a full night in british airport was such a blab la bla...

try to sleep like a begger...

I never imagined being in Geneva, Switzerland, in this short holiday. Once our flight landed on this land, i kicked Geneva in my going places list. We took 5 hours train to Besancon, and our heart was just like a pendulum, it was never stop beating hardly. We were afraid that we couldn’t reach our room door. That was satan’s work to make us blame our God. Hahaha! You loosed SETAN!!!Here i am! On my bed, typing down my unforgettable journey, to be told to my beloved readers and as a memory for my next generations. Like Malays folks said, jauh perjalanan jauh pemandangan, i have really learnt a lots from this journey...merci a tout le monde!

Love in Swiss? jamais!

thank you everyone, sesiapa yang menolong kami sepanjang perjalanan ini, sorry my travelmates for the unpredictable last'll be the last trip organized by me, but the memory wont last forever. ok...


anumz sarah said...

best giler... wah...nak ikut...-_- uu... (sbnrnye x tau nk komen mende. X pernah jejak sejauh ko. Stkt ke China tu dpt le..yg lain kena kumpul emas satu tan dulu..hehehe..)

fadly E.n.S.3.M said...

ko x g 1 ag stadium y sure nye ak g :p

pape pun syukur korang dah sampai..dgr2 gak kak maya cite psal korang..pengalaman jadi pengajaran =] uhurm2!! nak masok list! =p

anjut said...

anum- owhh, teringin nak gi china gak, alaa, eropah apa jer ada. tengok gambar mmg cantik, tapi Malaysia lagi cantik.

Fadly-stadium apa?stade de France?hahaha!!alaa, swiss sesuai utk org2 tua jer...

zatiMJ said...

btw, malaysians di Plymouth pon sgt baek dan peramah. hee. nape diorang tak kasik naek flight?

anjut said...

huhu!itu saya tau!

diorg tak bg naik flight coz kitorg check in online, hanya european citizen jer leh online. nasib baik tiket tu harga 4 euro jer..